CSS Frameworks.

If you want to become a really stylish  competitor in the world wide web arena, you have to use the opportunities of CSS Frameworks. They  will help you to reduce your coding time in repeating basic issues. Moreover, the code structure optimisation has a performance effect on your website you should not forget. It helps you to fundamentally develop cross browser and cross device solutions.

The framework will deliver you the basic style sheet and markup templates and you can concentrate on details and personal notes on your website.

Here are some examples every web developer should have heard at least once

–          YAML

–          Bootstrap

–          960 GS


–          Flexible grid system (fix, flexible, elastic)

–          HTML5 and CSS3 well prepared

–          Device independent

–          Optimized typography for all standard elements

–          Namespacing avoid conflicts

–          Very slim framework core

Browser Support: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

Download: http://www.yaml.de/

Documentation: http://www.yaml.de/docs/index.html


Bootstrap is a CSS Framework built at Twitter. It utilizes LESS CSS,  is compiled via Node and is managed through GitHub. It delivers a basic set of HTML, Javascript and CSS. It is a very big library, and you will not always use all features, but there are a lot of useful things in it. All modules of bootstrap  are JQuery-Plugins and they do not work on ist own.

You can link the css-file directly from the GitHub repository , so you save a lot of bandwidth. When the user visits your site, he probably cached the css file in his browser.  Otherwise you are dependent of another server and in case of a git hub server crash, your css file is available no longer.

Browser Support: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

Download: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/getting-started.html#download-bootstrap

Documentation:  http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/scaffolding.html


960gs is a grid based framework and if you want  to use simple layouts based on a width of 960 pixels, than 960gs is perfect for you. There are two variants: 12 or 16 columns. It simulates the behaviour of tables and is easy to understand. It does not separate between content and layout.

Browser Support: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

Download: http://960.gs/


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